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Phenomena Communications was established in 2011 as fully integrated marketing agency, and is currently the only agency in Jordan that provides a wide array of independent interactive media services. Since its inception, Phenomena Communications has rightfully occupied its place amongst the leaders of the advertising and marketing industry in Jordan through the utilization of creative solutions, reliable strategies, efficient methods and effective advertising services.

The agency provides a comprehensive range of specialized and peripheral advertising services including creative print, digital designs, radio, television and video production, communication, marketing, strategy, planning and buying. In addition, the agency is one of the few in the region to offer exceptional interactive solutions through the use of the most advanced advertising methods and channels such as three-dimension and projection mapping, interactive walls, floors, games and many others.

This grants clients the advantage of utilizing what was recently proved as the most popular from of advertising to realize the full potential of the agency¡¯s advertising services and achieve optimal results. The agency¡¯s advertising services are further differentiated from other agencies by the utilization of an aggressive strategic approach and the use of innovative advertising technologies to manage and develop local and regional brands. These services include brand development, building and positioning, market research and planning, social network analysis, value map laddering and emotional mapping.

The wide spectrum of services offered by the agency ensures that clients¡¯ requests are met. Their needs addressed and their demands satisfied. Furthermore, the interactive and creative solutions used by the agency allow clients to benefit from traditional and new advertising mediums in the advertising enterprise in order to maximize exposure and ensure that clients advertising endeavours are effective. The growing list of prominent clients retained by the agency is a testimony to its competence and ability of providing effective, creative and cost-effective solutions.

The agency¡¯s team embraces young, passionate individuals along with highly experienced local and internationally qualified professionals. This dynamic component creates a hub for radical creativity fused with practical perception and approach, guaranteeing ever innovative ¡°out of the box¡± integrated and creative solutions.

The agency¡¯s highly qualified and talented team members are committed to utilize their creativity, experience and wealth of knowledge to promote clients¡¯ best interests and ensure the delivery of tangible results. The combination of the agency¡¯s profound understanding of local and regional market conditions, together with internationally accepted advertising and marketing standards, guarantees the delivery of premium services and outstanding results at reasonable prices.

All members of the agency¡¯s team are dedicated individuals who understand the importance of diligence, dedication and teamwork.
These principles have allowed the agency to realize its vision and develop a strong presence in the advertising and marketing enterprise in Jordan. Understanding clients¡¯ business ethics and aims, managing clients¡¯ expectations and ensuring transparent communication between the agency and its clients is at the heart of what we do here at Phenomena Communications. Providing pioneer advertising services in Jordan and the region, combined with creative excellence, efficiency and dedication is our promise.